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In the early days of the Trump administration Paul Traynor, a father of five from Wilmette, IL, found himself thrust into the unlikely role of citizen journalist when a seminar on racial civil rights at a local high school became the subject of a national controversy. Sensing that the attacks were being orchestrated by outside political groups, Paul began to research & chronicle events, a project that eventually became the feature-length documentary, “NEW TRIER: Tip of the Spear”.

As a regular dad who became the target of billionaire-funded dark money groups, Paul set out to uncover the real forces behind the rancor and divisiveness permeating today’s political discourse. What he discovered was a decades-long stealth effort to fleece America and subvert democracy— a highly coordinated effort he came to refer to as The Long Con.

As a practicing Christian Paul hopes to promote understanding and reconciliation among listeners of different political stripes. As a recovering alcoholic he knows firsthand the potential for self-denial and rationalization that makes every one of us willing to not only be conned, but to con ourselves. And as an inveterate smart-ass he finds himself incapable of resisting the urge to “poke the bear”, 
and to expose the fraud and chicanery being perpetrated on America by those in the service of the .000001%.

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