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The Long Con Podcast explores all aspects of the billionaire assault on democracy in America, an effort which began at the end of World War II and was joined in earnest in 2009, following the election of Barack Obama. A small group of American oligarchs-- composed of some of America’s most prominent families-- have constructed a complex infrastructure of charitable groups and political entities that today serves as a de facto “shadow state”, controlling the levers of power not only in Washington, DC, but in state and local governments across America.


These unelected billionaires, and the vast network they fund and control, are engaged in a decades-long stealth campaign to dismantle & privatize all aspects of American government. The primary goal is to keep fortunes intact and business unregulated; their primary tools are racism and fear-mongering. This unaccountable juggernaut, which we call The Policy Combine, poses a clear and present danger to all Americans-- and to the future of representative democracy, itself.


Using the language, psychology and tactics of American con artistry to explain these complex efforts, the Long Con shines a light on this blatant manipulation of the American political system…. and the relentless disinformation campaign that has enabled it to grow and thrive over time.

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